Thursday, May 11, 2017

Tips On Deciding Whether to Replace or Repair Your Golf Shoes Cont.

In our last blog, we discussed ways to identify if you need new golf shoes or if you should just repair them. For more tips, please read on!
If your shoes are starting to feel uncomfortable to the point where your game is affected, you most likely need to replace them. With shoes that are too small, tight, too big, or are stretched out around the toes or heel, you might not play the best game that you can.
If you have a pair of spiked footwear, the spikes are an important part of your shoes that need to be changed out. Spikes can wear down and when this happens, your game could be affected. However, lucky for you, spikes are the easiest part to replace and if the shoe part is still comfortable, you can still keep them. Most golfers change their spikes at least one or two times a year.
Your golf shoes are an important part to how you play because they help your balance, provide traction when walking on slippery grass, and offer comfort on the course.

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Tips On Deciding Whether to Replace or Repair Your Golf Shoes

Your golf shoes are one of your most important pieces of equipment, after your golf clubs. Because of this, you will want to make sure you have shoes that are comfortable and in good condition. Read on to learn ways to identify if you need to replace or repair your golf shoes.
Most golf shoes have a long life span but the amount of times you use them and the conditions you typically play in determine how often you need to change them. If you play in wet or moist conditions, you most likely will need to change your shoes more often because the moisture speeds up the deterioration process. Pay attention to the quality of your golf shoes to determine if they need to be replaced or repaired. If water is starting to seep into the inside of you shoes, it is definitely time to replace them. Water damage can be hard to fix and also the moisture in your shoes can promote bacteria. However, if only minimal amounts of moisture get into your shoes, you might be able to just replace the insole of your shoe. If you do this, you should dry out the shoes completely before replacing the insole.
Another sign that you need to replace your shoes is if you feel like you are losing traction. If you notice you are slipping and sliding a lot, this is a big sign that the traction has worn out on your shoes. This is not something you can fix or replace so you will need to purchase a new pair.

For more tips on whether you should replace or repair your golf shoes, please refer to our next blog post!

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Housekeeping Tips to Make Sure Your Golf Equipment is Ready for the Spring Season

Your golf equipment is important for you to maintain and replace if you need to before the season starts. For some tips on basic housekeeping of your golf equipment, please read on.
Golf Shoes
Every golfer, no matter the experience level, will want to make sure they have a pair of high quality golf shoes. You will want something that you feel comfortable in, especially if you like to walk to each hole. If your pair is still in good condition, you will still want to give them a thorough cleaning. Use a nylon bristle brush to clean out the soles on your golf shoes. You can also use an athletic shoe cleaner to clear out any built up debris on the upper parts of your shoe. For extra protection, you should consider investing in a high quality waterproofing spray.
Gloves can wear out easily so if your golf gloves show any signs of stiffness, excessive dirt or grime, or any other wear, you will most likely just want to switch them out. Players can choose between genuine leather or a synthetic material, the choice is up to the golfer. You should also invest in a pair of high quality rain gloves to ensure you are prepared for any type of spring weather.
Rain Gear
Along with rain gloves, you will always want to make sure you pack an umbrella, rain hat, pants, and jacket. If you cannot fit it in your golf bag, you should store it in the trunk of your car.

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Spring Tune-Up Tips for Your Golfing Season

Now that the spring weather is approaching, it is time to get excited for the golfing season to start! For tips on preparing, please read on.
Get in Shape
Any good athlete knows how important it is to stay in shape, especially during the off season. However, if you couldn’t get to the gym as much in the winter, don’t worry! A great way to start getting into shape for the season is to start out with taking long walks or going for jogs. You should also try to hit the range and take a couple of practice swings.
Schedule a Fitting
If you are looking for new clubs, it is important you go into one of our storefronts for a golf club fitting. Our experts can ensure you get the clubs you need to play your best!
Golf Club Maintenance
This is also an important time to start inspecting your golf clubs and see if anything needs to be replaced or fixed. The grips on your golf clubs will most likely need to be replaced. You can also do a quick cleaning of your clubs to ensure you get optimal efficiency from them on the course.
Plan Your Season
It is always fun to venture around to new golf courses and at Palm Beach Golf Center, we provide a list of local golf courses in Florida.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tips for Selecting the Best Golf Grips

If your grips are getting worn out, it is important that you replace them immediately because damaged grips can affect your swing and therefore, your game! Since it is an important piece of your golf equipment, it is essential you find the best one for you. Read on to learn some tips when selecting new grips for your clubs!
The size is one of the most important factors when choosing your new grips. Basic options for grips are undersize, standard, midsize, and oversize. For more customization, you can also use our high quality grip tape.
With an increase in new technology, materials, and patterns, the options for golf grips are endless. The typical materials used are rubber or synthetic rubber materials. For more assistance with selecting the material for your golf grips, please consult one of our professionals at our store!
Some grips come with a range of textures that can offer a smooth or coarse feel when you are using your clubs. It is important you try all styles to find the one that is the most comfortable for you to use. If you don’t wear gloves, you might want a smoother grip that has little to no texture or pattern. Another option is a grip with rougher textures because it provides more traction for your hands. Players who prefer this style of grips feel that they have more gripping confidence. However, it is all personal preference and based on your game and playing conditions.
Weather Conditions
The weather conditions of where you play are an important factor to consider when selecting your golf grips. For example, if you play in wet or humid weather, you might want to consider a cord fabric because it provides more traction and support. However, some players feel that the cord fabric is too rough for their hands. As a result, you might want to find a grip that has a rougher pattern and heavy surface texture to prevent any slipping.

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

How to Clean Your Golf Grips

The grips of your golf clubs are one of the most important pieces of your equipment but it is also one of the parts that are overlooked when it comes to maintenance. If you practice proper maintenance on your golf grips, you can extend the shelf life of your equipment. Read on to learn tips on how to restore the surface tack and prevent hand slipping when using your clubs.
Grip Cleaning Wipes
Invest in high quality grip cleaning wipes to clean off your equipment after every time you use them. The more you clean them
Warm Soap and Water Mixture
You can also make your own cleaning solution with water and a soap or mild detergent. Use a soft abrasive pad or brush for cord or rubber grips. For softer grips, you should use a soft washcloth instead to prevent any wear and tear when cleaning.
Do Thorough Examinations
If you play frequently, it is especially important you inspect your grips for any rips, tears, or bubbles. Any golf clubs that have these signs of tear will need to be replaced. However, replacing your grips takes careful consideration and consultation with one of our expert staff members. Grips come in different sizes and materials so you want to make sure the grips are comfortable for you, your game, and appropriate for the conditions you play in. For assistance, please visit one of our storefronts or call one of our professionals at either (561) 842-7100 or (561) 395-1305.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Beginner Tips for Improving Your Drive

When you’re just getting started out in golf, you probably have all kinds of fantasies of heading out on the course and landing some perfectly placed shots on the fairway every time. Unfortunately, these fantasies will get ruined the first time you swing your driver and you watch your ball sail off into the woods.
You need to devote some time to improving your drive swing if you want to actually enjoy golf, but if you’re like most people, you probably won't know what you even need to practice, or how. In order to help you improve your swing — and prevent you from losing money on balls you hit into the lake — here are some beginner tips for driving.
Choose the Right Driver
One of the first things you need to do to improve your swing happens even before you hit the ball, which is to make sure you’re using the proper golf equipment. You need to make sure that you’re using the right driver for you, and that means optimizing your driver for your strength level, your height, and your level of experience. In the beginning, make sure you get a driver with a larger sweet spot, as that will help you ensure that you’re hitting the ball consistently. As you improve, you can opt for a smaller head, which will give you more fine control over how and where the ball sails.
Follow Through
One of the classic mistakes that newer golfers make is not following through on their swing. If you’re finding that your ball tends to skip along the ground, or that you’re hooking or slicing it in the wrong directions, you should practice following through, both with the club itself and with the turn of your body. Don’t tense up when you hit the ball. Make sure that your swing happens in one smooth, fluid motion.

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